Resort-like Homes

Separate homestays for girls and boys

Comfortable Rooms

Single or twin-sharing rooms available

Daily Housekeeping

Daily laundry & housekeeping

Home-cooked Meals

Guardianship and full board, which includes nutritious home-cooked meals, tutoring, and student supervision.

Fully Equipped

Wi-Fi is provided in every home. Air-conditioned, fully furbished rooms with ample storage space and study desks.

Student Pass

Student pass registration & collection services will also be provided.

Luxury Student Homestay in Upper Bukit Timah, Singapore

3House Homestay is set in the foreground of beautiful Bukit Timah nature reserve where the temperature is always cooler than other parts of the city. It is easily accessible to transportation routes, shops and shopping malls. There are also 24-hour eateries and a supermarket within walking distance. We welcome you to enjoy the peaceful surroundings and fresh air with us!

Rooms for Students