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Why A Homestay

Established in 2008, 3House Homestay has been providing foreign students with a home away from home for over a decade. We are nestled near the Bukit Timah enclave, with easy access to the top schools near the heart of Singapore. The fresh air and peaceful environment are perfect for growth and learning. Studying and living

Student Homestay in Singapore

Are you keen on sending your child to Singapore to study? Singapore is rated one of the safest cities in the world and also one of the top locations in the world for schooling. Parents sending their children overseas have to make informed decisions on education and accommodation. Homestays are a great way for students

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Why You Should Choose A Homestay Experience While Studying in Singapore

Singapore is a safe place to place to study and grow up in. Singapore is rated one of the safest in the world and also one of the top locations in the world for schooling. Parents who are keen on doing this may find it tough to balance their work commitments back home and also

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What to Look for in a Student Homestay

Are you planning to send your child to Singapore to study for the long term? Are you unable to move over to Singapore to take care of your child? Would you prefer to have an adult to care for your child to ensure that he/she is well taken care of and, if needed, to have

Considering Studying in Singapore?

The Singapore education system is known as one of the top in the world, constantly attracting top talents from all over the world. Singapore aims to maximise the potential of students, helping each student to find their career paths. Schools in Singapore constantly strive to upgrade and improve, in order to ensure they maintain the

Overseas Experiences

Homestay experiences can leave wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. It can establish important and meaningful relationship during their formative years. It is an enriching and rewarding experience not to be missed. Besides academic achievements, character building, good life skills and communication should be the foundation to build on for future endeavours and success.