Why A Homestay

Why A Homestay

3House Homestay was set up in 2009 with the aim of providing foreign students in Singapore with a home away from home. We are nestled near the Bukit Timah enclave, with easy access to the top schools and also closely located to the heart of Singapore. The fresh air and good environment are perfect for growth and learning.

Studying and living alone in a foreign land can be an enriching yet challenging experience. While developing academic abilities, foreign students also have to learn how to handle responsibility, independence and taking charge of their own future. That is way it is so important that there is a safe home environment to develop and blossom in, while reaching for various academic pursuits.

At 3House Homestay, we value love, kindness, goodness, patience, peace and joy, and seek to pass these values on to those who come under our care. We see and believe in the goodness and potential of every child.

With a wide range of students coming from around the world, students get to meet up with fellow homestay students from countries such as Thailand, Japan, Korea, Indonesia and Malaysia. This allows students to learn the cultures and build strong networks among themselves at a young age.

3House Homestay organizes various events such as birthday celebrations and barbeque dinners during the school term, as well as annual trips for our students after the school Exams. These activities have helped in student bonding and bringing much joy to the students who always have a great time together.