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Considering Studying in Singapore?

The Singapore education system is known as one of the top in the world, constantly attracting top talents from all over the world. Singapore aims to maximise the potential of students, helping each student to find their career paths. Schools in Singapore constantly strive to upgrade and improve, in order to ensure they maintain the high standards of education and remain competitive.

Primary School in Singapore begins from 7 years of age, after which, students in mainstream schools would have to take the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) at the age of 12. The Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS) is compulsory for international students who wish to join the mainstream primary and secondary schools. Admission is not guaranteed, and will depend on the applicant’s results. For admission in the following school year, this admission exercise is conducted by the Singapore Ministry of Education from around September to October each year.

If parents want to consider an education in Singapore for their child, they should note that English is the primary language for instruction. Mathematics and Chinese (or Mother Tongue) are also important subjects for each level in the Primary school years. Depending on the maturity of the child and emotional readiness, the child would usually be able to adapt to the Singapore way of learning after a few months.

Studying abroad not only develops academic abilities, it also teaches children important life skills of being responsible, independent and to take charge of their future. Regardless of the level of academic ability of your child, having an overseas education could challenge him adequately and bring out the best in him. You can rest at ease knowing that Singapore is a safe place for your kid to blossom.

Homestay accommodation is a good option for parents who want to send their child to Singapore to study and have someone to care for their lodging, education and any other needs.

With students coming from around the world, students in a homestay get to meet students from different countries like Thailand, Japan, China, Indonesia and Malaysia. This allows them to learn other cultures and build fond memories at a young age.

Homestay accommodations are affordable where you get lodging for the child and at the same time, the guardian will keep track of the needs of the child and feedback to the parents.